How can I get my feet measured?

There are three options to be measured:

  1. Come to our facility in Oklahoma City. We are located only 5 minutes from the airport. Many of our customers fly in, and we would be happy to pick you up and take you back to the airport. We also have discounted rates at nearby hotels for our customers.
  2. Meet us at one of our Conventions. We travel many times during the year, and we may be in your area.
  3. If you are unable to visit us, we can send you a measuring kit. We have created a 10 minute DVD that demonstrates how to have someone measure your own feet. The kit includes the video, foam impressions, an ordering form, and a catalog. The kit costs $35.00 which is credited toward your first order. You can order a kit by phone or email. This kit has worked well for us and is easy to do. Many of our international clients, we have never met personally, but we make all their footwear.

Will I need to be measured every time I order?

No. We keep your 3-D foot molds on file. The next time you wish to order, just call us with the details. You can tell us the style, color, etc. right over the telephone.

How do I pay for my order?

We request 1/2 of the total price as a deposit for your order. When we finish making your footwear, we will give you a call and take care of the final balance the day of shipping.

How do you ship footwear?

We ship insured UPS ground, unless you request otherwise.

What type of exotic leather do you have?

The price list details al the exotic leathers we offer. The leather colors available will vary.

What is the toughest leather?

The toughest leather is Elephant. It is also the easiest to maintain. Rhino and Hippo are the second toughest, and Spanish Bullhide, and Cape Buffalo are the third toughest. All of these leathers can be used for dress or work.

What is the most comfortable leather?

Ostrich, Kangaroo, and Crocodile are the most comfortable. We have 38 colors in Ostrich, 40 colors in Kangaroo, and 18 colors in Crocodile. However, Ostrich is the softest overall and comes in full quill or smooth.

Do you have any famous customers?

We have many clients who are actors, sport-legends, political figures, musicians, and millionaires. Some will only wear Loveless footwear on their feet. To see a few of our famous clients click here.

Is there a difference between store bought boots and shoes and custom boots?

There is a world of difference between shoes and boots made with a general size last like 10½ D versus boots made to your feet. We take eight different measurements of your feet plus a mold that we use to build the shoes or boots. So if you have any variance between your left and right feet, we will be able to accommodate that and build you a pair of shoes or boots that fits perfectly.

Where are your boots made?

Our footwear have been built in Oklahoma City, from start to finish for more than three generations. Unlike other bootmakers who have their boots made in different countries and then sell them like they are made here in the USA.

What separates you from other boot makers?

Several things, primarily the fit of your boots or shoes will be best you ever had. Second, we don’t try to find the nearest stock size and tell you it is custom. When we say it is custom it is custom from the color of hides you choose to the colors of stitching or type of sole and heel. Finally, the quality of our boots is second to none. From lemon wood pegs to a real steel shank (to provide you support), to a real layered leather heel base, to the best grade of leathers, we stop at nothing to provide the very best in footwear.