When you order your custom boots- you choose the color, the heel, the toe, and overall design. We have many styles to choose from, or many of our customers prefer to create their own style by sending us photos or sample boots. From the picture or sample boot, we can duplicate any style. We make western boots, dress boots, zipper boots, ropers, hunting boots, and many other styles of boots.

One of the reasons our footwear is in such high demand is the ability to make the boots as unique as their owners. For example, we stitched the Presidential Seal into the tops of President George Bush’s ostrich boots.

Many of our customers give us pictures of their business logos, brands, or even their own designs or artwork. We have many stitch patterns to choose from and we will put your initials in the ear pulls. The possibilities are endless. To see a list of our exotic skins and prices please go to the PRICE LIST.


African Crocodile

African Crocodile from Southern Africa. We use the top of the head and back on the toe, and the tail is highlighted in the upper scallops. Many colors available.

Suede Elephant

Natural Grey Suede Elephant with Black Kangaroo tops. Elephant Stitching is a popular option.

Guitar Stingray W/ Kangaroo Top

Black Guitar Stingray has a natural white pattern down the center. Stingray and Kangaroo combination on the vamp and full Kangaroo on top.

Ostrich Leg W/ Matching Top

Dark gray Ostrich leg with matching Kangaroo tops with the initials “BPL” in the ears.

Ostrich Leg & Kangaroo Top

Tobacco Ostrich leg and dark brown Kangaroo tops with inlay cord and stitch design. This style is a favorite for many of our female clients.

Crocodile W/ Ostrich Top

Buttercup Crocodile with matching ostrich tops with overlaid Crocodile tail. We have our unique design on the tops in a cord pattern, which is dressier than stitching.

Black Spanish Bullhide

Spanish Bullhide is available in glazed, snuffed, and waxed finishes. It is a very durable leather and it is used for dress as well as work boots.

Full Quill Ostrich

Nicotine full quill ostrich bottoms, with dark brown smooth ostrich tops and the Presidential Seal stitched in the tops. Note the covered side seams. This pair of boots belongs to President George Bush Sr. and is one of the many pair of Loveless boots he owns.

Elephant Hunting Boots

Black Elephant hunting boots with padded tongue and collar. Our boots can also be ordered with gortex or extra insulation, and water resistant liners for all hunting conditions.