There is great satisfaction in making a pair of shoes or boots for a customer who simply would not have shoes without our expertise. I am holding the size 34 hiking boots made for a young man. They were his first pair of footwear in 11 years.

Large sizes or mismate sizes, diabetic conditions, elevations for leg length differences, damaged feet or loss of toes, and many more orthopedic problems can be solved or improved. In many cases we actually improve stride with orthopedic mechanics and internal bracing.

You will be pleased with new footwear from Loveless. Creative techniques and the finest materials used by any shoemaker results in footwear with style.


We can provide our customers with both attractive styles and orthopedic corrections necessary for their individual problems. You’re not limited to the styles you see on this website. We can make many different styles to suit your tastes.

These shoes are more than 5 sizes difference inside. We masked the difference with an internal filler so the shoes appear the same size on the outside.
Zipper dress boots with 2″ inside elevation to accommodate a difference in leg length. Made with light weight materials and very attractive.
Hiking boots size 34 which is 19 ¾” long. Made for a 16 year old who had not been able to wear typical shoes since he was 11.
Full Quill Ostrich vamps and Kangaroo tops with inside elevation cosmetically designed.
Moccasin Toe Kangaroo with mismate sizes and inside elevation.
Three eyelet plain-toe dress chukka boot
Buckle plain-toe dress chukka boot
Moc-toe buckle dress shoe
Brown Cape Buffalo hiking boots
Nine inch lace, padded collar work boot. (For more like this see Adjusta Depths)
Six inch plain toe, hiking boot. (For more like this see Adjusta Depths)

CAD/CAM Orthotics

Our CAD/CAM carver and patented scanning system have placed us far beyond the competition. We are the only facility in the U.S. with the capability to scan the patient’s entire foot, ankle, and leg with a true 3-D digitized scan. This cutting edge technology allows us to manufacture a truly custom orthotic that is within .1 millimeters accurate! Many local physicians will only perform surgery while wearing our custom orthotics. And because we manufacture them on-site, the base cost is only $200.

Custom Arch Supports

We also make 3/4 length dress shoe orthotics, diabetic insoles, and other specialty supports. We fulfill all doctors scripts and provide a free consultation when you send your patients to our facility. Our consultation may include measuring for an elevation, Pedorthics exam, footwear examination, or leg brace evaluations. If our clients require a doctor’s expertise or follow up, we gladly refer them to back to their physicians.


Many of our customers need custom leg braces or supports related to polio, stroke, trauma or other disabilities. However, we take great pride in making footwear that meets our patient’s medical needs and look good as well. Our goal is to make cosmetically attractive orthopedic devices, and offer our clients many styles and colors to choose from. We even have a patent on an AFO leg brace actually hidden inside the boot. We offer hundreds of styles to choose from that can be attached to any of our custom braces. Our custom shoes have aloud many of our clients to get rid of their old, clunky, unattractive orthopedic shoes, and be proud of what they can wear in public.

Eighty year old Gentleman with leg brace. Demonstrates correction of extreme curve laterally.
Without brace and correction with brace
Customer following a stroke. Brace demonstrates correction of 45 degree medial and posterior offset.